Story Of Ruzen


Born for higher quality and higher flexiblity !

Ruzen is a small-scaled company dedicated to researching, supplying, marketing, and serving of high-quality phone accessories; we are aiming to supply micro and small-scaled phone accessories importers, retailers, resellers and online sellers with undoubted high-quality mobile phone accessory products, and simplify our partners’ phone accessory business by supplying good quality phone accessories in a sustainable way.

Being co-founded by Van, Allen and Echo; who were classmates during study in university, we have been working hard and finally have built our families in Shenzhen. During our past working experience, we have learned professional skills in trading, engineering, marketing, purchasing, team-working as well as important lessons from unfortunate betrayals; most importantly, we have won good friends, customers, suppliers and built unbreakable friendship & trust between co-founders. Based on above, we set up Ruzen Technology Co., Limited on 2020 aiming to provide global customers with good quality mobile phone accessories at cheaper price and helping customers that always stand behind us building their own brand names .

Our Goal to Grow

Ruzen is only a small phone accessories distributing company with less than 15 employees. Frankly speaking, we don’t plan to expand our team so quickly. In our humble opinion, rapid expansion may ignore important voices of our internal team, partners and end users. All our team members are talented, we have worked very hard together and developed our own leads discovering system, customer relationship management system, official website, brochures, data sheets, quality control system, product testing system and more; and we will continue to accommodate to our customer’s needs and launch new products from the perspective of market’s demands.

We always listen to our customer’s thoughts and value customer service as much as we supply excellent smart phone accessory products. We will try our best to resolve any issues that small phone accessoy business have to face: products selection, pricing and discount, minimum order quantity, payment term, import duty & tax, shipping, leads discovering, website building, brochure making, constant update etc; and ensure our customers and partners being outstanding in the local market, if possible, build their own names.

Welcome to contact us and join our talented business operation model & distribution network.

Mutual Respects

Mutual Benefits

Mutual Growth

Our Mission Is Win-Win Cooperation.

We have an open mind and open doors for new ways to collaborate with distributors, e-shop owners, electronic fans, engineers, designers, bloggers, raw material manufacturers, original factories and more.


From developing proprietary product appearance & specifications to sourcing the highest quality components, we stay cutting-edge in our quest to bring the higher quality phone accessories to every end user.


Smallest details are considered and reviewed for quality control of our phone accessory products. The inspection processes include, but not limited to: production material inspection, in-manufacturing inspection, product appearance inspection, weight and dimension inspection, components test, loading test, aging test, package inspection etc. Each unit goes through rigorous internal quality control process to ensure that they are functioning optimally out-of-box.


We try our best to provide customized service for branded customers such as: private product mold, exclusive product specification, tailored package and more.

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