HB086 3.0 USB-A Hub

HB086 3.0 USB-A Hub

HB086 Hub is designed by USB3.0 A Male TO RJ45(1000mbp/s) with 13cm extension wire, it’s Small and easy to carry, fits in your laptop, and perfectly matches your devices. Users can connect the required external devices according to the requirements, so as to achieve interface expansion and make the connection more exciting. The slim body, lightweight and fashionable appearance make it a comfort to carry around. Get the most out of your laptop with Ruzen’s 3.0 USB A Hub HB086. This hub is perfect for connecting multiple devices to your laptop at once. Enjoy fast speeds and great performance with Ruzen!




  • Hardware Interface: USB A 3.0 A Male TO RJ45(1000mbp/s) with 13cm extension wire
  • Compatible Devices:  Mouse, Keyboards, Laptops, Card Readers, USB Stick
  • Operating System:  Linux, Windows, Mac

Carton Size(LxWxH) cm:

  • Product N.W: 27g
  • Product G.W: 33g
  • Product Size: 6.5×2.5x2cm
  • Color box size: TBA
  • Carton size: TBA

Note: Carton gross weight and size for reference only

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