RC-18 60w braided 3 in 1 multi use universal phone USB fast charging cable

RC-18 60w braided 3 in 1 multi use universal phone USB fast charging cable

Ruzen 60W braided 3 in 1 multi-use universal phone USB fast charging cable – your one-stop solution for all charging needs!

Fast Charging: With a robust 60W power output, this 3 in 1 charging cable ensures your devices charge swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or other USB-enabled devices, Ruzen guarantees a rapid charge every time.
Universal Compatibility: The 3 in 1 usb charging cable is designed to be universally compatible, ensuring that you can charge a multitude of devices with a single cable. From Type C to lightning output, it’s the only cable you will ever need!
Data Sync Functionality: Not just a charger, the Type C output port also facilitates data sync, ensuring your devices are always updated and your data transfers are smooth and speedy.
Durable and Robust: Featuring a cable outer diameter of 4mm and a sturdy, braided design, this 3 in 1 usb cable quick charge is built to withstand daily wear and tear, providing a reliable charging solution for longer.
Convenient Length: At a length of 1.2 meters, it provides ample reach, ensuring you can use your device comfortably while it’s powering up.
6-Month Warranty: Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why this 3 in 1 multi charging cable comes with a 6-month warranty, ensuring you can charge with confidence.

Choose Ruzen, and experience the pinnacle of charging technology with our 3 in 1 braided charging cable, ensuring your devices are always powered and ready to perform.



  • Model: RC-18
  • Colour: Black or other customized color
  • Product-Type: 3 in 1 universal USB charging cable, type c output port with data sync
  • Dimensions: Length 1.2 meter
  • Material: Braided nylon material + PVC
  • Cable outer diameter: 4mm
  • IC: E75 made in China for lightning output
  • Charging cable: 0.07mm*55*2
  • Data sync cable: 0.07mm*10*2
  • Carton Size(L*W*H): 46x29x29 cm, 500 PCS / Carton (Carton gross weight and size for reference only)


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